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WP Report Builder is used to auto-generate a DOCX task list / task tracker in this example. Play around with the table (number of rows displayed, filters, etc.) to see how the downloadable file changes.

Task list

wdt_IDTask numberEmployee nameTask nameTask typeStart dateStatus
1 211 Jake Moss Incoming feeds problems Bugfix 29/05/2016 New
2 212 Jake Moss Upload Video Improvements Feature 14/05/2016 In Progress
3 213 Oliver Bradley Make trial account expired page Feature 20/05/2016 In Progress
4 214 Oliver Bradley Demo Account Logic Feature 13/05/2016 Closed
5 215 Adam Clark Gallery page - bug in console Bugfix 27/05/2016 Rejected
6 216 Adam Clark Gallery Improvements Feature 09/05/2016 Rejected
7 217 Adam Clark Notifications - functionality Feature 27/05/2016 New
8 218 Jake Moss Bugs on platform Bugfix 10/05/2016 Rejected
9 219 Adam Clark Disable dynamic creation of categories Feature 20/05/2016 New
10 220 Jake Moss Registration email Feature 08/05/2016 In Progress
wdt_IDTask numberEmployee nameTask nameTask typeStart dateStatus

Download the template used in this example here.

You can read more about creating such reports here.