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If you run one of 1 million of sites that use WPBakery’s excellent tool Visual Composer, you might find it useful to insert the Report Builder’s controls on pages using the built-in integration tool.

When you add a block in the Visual Composer you can find a “Report Builder Element” block in the elements list:

WordPress Report Builder with Visual Composer integration

In the popup you need first to select the report that you would like to use in the page:

Use Reports in Visual Composer

After you choose the report you are suggested to choose a type of element you want to use in the page – a button (download button or save to media library), or an input (for additional variables defined in the report):

Visual Composer - choose element type for Report Builder

If you choose to insert a button, you can define which kind of button do you want (Download report to local, or generate and save report to WP Media Library), provide a label to put on the button, and a CSS class:

Inserting WP Report Builder Buttons in Visual Composer

If you choose to insert a text input for one of the additional variables, you will be requested to enter: input label (text shown near the input field), variable name (selectbox with the list of variables you defined when you created the report), default value (pre-filled value in the input box), and CSS class applied to the input:

Inserting WP Report Builder Inputs in Visual Composer

After you configure the element press “Save changes” and the element will appear in your page:

Visual Composer with WP Report Builder Elements

It will appear in the front-end similarly as in the Visual Composer view:

Visual Composer Front-end View

You can as well insert Report Builder elements by pasting shortcodes manually, or with default WordPress’ Visual Editor.