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In this example WP Report Builder is used to generate a list of transactions in a Word DOCX file.
Try to filter the table (e.g. choose only one client) and see how the downloaded report changes.

List of Transactions

wdt_IDTransaction IDTransaction dateClient nameTransaction typeTransaction amount
1 48EF4798-6CE7-6E2C-3273-8FB42F83DE62 01/05/2016 Marcus Leonard Purchase -654,00
2 7586CB18-70A9-BBE5-0CAA-83965789D7B1 01/06/2016 Taylor Graham Purchase -1.251,00
3 1E624CC7-34F3-1695-67B9-71E0DD868A15 01/07/2016 Lillie Day Purchase -1.196,00
4 C7520AE9-3402-4E90-30DC-171F0E5B0FA9 01/08/2016 Jackson Dawson Transfer 1.056,00
5 F0BA94B1-0739-3FE2-0CB4-9852BB54E3F2 01/09/2016 Jackson Dawson Deposit 1.600,00
6 D28F6F32-4A2B-4CF8-2A8E-3AF9D805E6CE 01/10/2016 Marcus Leonard Deposit 1.895,00
7 D06ABAF1-3F08-9DAA-19C2-FAAFDE1796D5 01/11/2016 Marcus Leonard Deposit 85,00
8 325ADC87-43EC-BF8E-3DA5-4308D2DF6AD9 01/11/2016 Patience Parrish Deposit 164,00
9 EFA02E2C-0A5D-8311-B596-F0F659A57FA4 01/12/2016 Jackson Dawson Transfer -1.041,00
10 EE6BBC28-1E3F-B8D8-C4B8-5898932EFDE7 01/12/2016 Taylor Graham Transfer 999,00
wdt_IDTransaction IDTransaction dateClient nameTransaction typeTransaction amount

To download the report that was used in this template click here.
To see the tutorial on creating such reports click here.