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Time Logging Report Generate Word DOCX

MS Word Time Logging Report

In this example WP Report Builder is used to generate a time logging template in MS Word DOCX format. Try to filter the table (e.g. choose one department, or one employee, or date range) and see how the downloadable report changes.

You can download the template used in this example here.

You can read the full tutorial on creating such reports here.

wdt_ID Employee name Department Position Date Hours logged
1 Amy Gilliam Management General Manager 06/01/2016 6
2 Rhiannon Campos Sales Store Manager 06/01/2016 7
3 Yardley Hardy Accounting Senior Accountant 06/01/2016 5
4 Salvador Faulkner Accounting Accounting Executive 06/01/2016 5
5 Reuben Kirby Sales Sales Associate 06/01/2016 6
6 Renee Allen Accounting Accounting Specialist 06/01/2016 5
7 Bevis Vaughan Marketing Marketing Director 06/01/2016 6
8 Armando Edwards Sales Assistant Store Manager 06/01/2016 8
9 Aileen Solis Marketing Associate Marketing Director 06/01/2016 6
10 Cleo Smith Accounting Billing and Collection 06/01/2016 6
wdt_ID Employee name Department Position Date Hours logged