The Best WordPress Report Plugin that generate Word or Excel documents in your WP
in 1 click *

WP Report Builder instantly creates documents and spreadsheets filling your templates with actual data.

* WP Report Builder is an add-on for wpDataTables and requires its full version to run.

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Tired of filling in the same documents over and over again?

We all have to deal with paperwork every day: letters, contracts, reports, statements, commercial offers, official inquiries, etc. WP Report Builder automates the documents generation on your WordPress site - all you need to do is to prepare the templates.

Use your usual Word or Excel files

Provide any DOCX or XLSX templates - e.g. use the corporate form that you already have with logo and business information.

Get documents generated in realtime

Document is prepared on request, and the data is pulled in realtime, always keeping downloads actual even if data changes each minute.

Do not waste time on configuration or coding

WordPress Report Plugin has no settings at all, and each report is built in a wizard with several simple steps. Prepare the template and enjoy!

Generate and download 100 files in 1 click

Generate multiple documents in 1 click and download a ZIP. For example, letters with personalized text to 100 people.

See how it works

Change the text in the inputs, filter the table with the filters below columns, change amount of displayed rows - and download different versions of generated report:

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Make sure you have full version of wpDataTables as WordPress Report Builder will not work without it.

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So many features for an add-on

Each new update of WP Report Builder brings new features and improvements.

MS Word DOCX report generation

DOCX reports can be generated in 1-click, single or bulk, whether from a data source wpDataTable, or just with front-end user provided data.

MS Excel XLSX report generation

Single or multiple Excel XLSX reports can be generated with WP Report Builder, pulling data from your DB, or from other data source.

Unlimited front-end inputs

The reports can be filled in from input provided by front-end user; also there is a number of predefined variables (username, current date).

Calculate Totals

You can insert totals for certain values within the DOCX and XLSX reports; the values will be auto-calculated and inserted where you need

Bulk Report Generation

You can configure a report so that a separate file can be generated for each wpDataTable row and download a ZIP containing all of them, which makes bulk creating of documents easy.

Easy to insert on pages

Once you prepare the report you can easily insert it on your page using standard WordPress' Visual Editor or Visual Composer. You can add custom CSS classes to elements to match the theme.

Updates and Support

Once you purchase the add-on license you get 1 year of support and 1 year of updates. Depending of your subscription plan you can use license on one, three or unlimited domains.

Fully Documented

We have online documentation on all use cases with detailed explanation of all the features, additionaly a library of usage examples for this WordPress Report Plugin.

No Learning Curve

It is enough to look through one tutorial to start preparing your own reports, especially if you have experience with wpDataTables.