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See how WP Report Builder is applied in this example to generate a time logging report. Try to play around with the table (e.g. choose an employee, or department, or date range) and see how the downloadable report changes.

Time logging

wdt_IDEmployee nameDepartmentPositionDateHours logged
1 Amy Gilliam Management General Manager 06/01/2016 6
2 Rhiannon Campos Sales Store Manager 06/01/2016 7
3 Yardley Hardy Accounting Senior Accountant 06/01/2016 5
4 Salvador Faulkner Accounting Accounting Executive 06/01/2016 5
5 Reuben Kirby Sales Sales Associate 06/01/2016 6
6 Renee Allen Accounting Accounting Specialist 06/01/2016 5
7 Bevis Vaughan Marketing Marketing Director 06/01/2016 6
8 Armando Edwards Sales Assistant Store Manager 06/01/2016 8
9 Aileen Solis Marketing Associate Marketing Director 06/01/2016 6
10 Cleo Smith Accounting Billing and Collection 06/01/2016 6
wdt_IDEmployee nameDepartmentPositionDateHours logged

Download the template that we used in this example here.

You can read the full tutorial about creating such reports here.